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Consulting Service

Our Services
You have the opportunity to get any kind of consulting services, in the best way  from Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd.

Financial and Legal Consulting

Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. offers the most efficient and high quality consulting services in the following issues to its customers by specialized and experienced staff;

Tax Legislation

Commercial Law Legislation

Labor Law and Social Security Legislation

Foreign Capital Legislation

Foreign Exchange Legislation

Incentive Legilation

Other Financial and Legal Legislation

Clients are informed about amendments in the above mentioned legislations by means of circulars issued periodically in a shortest period of time.

Management Consultation

Enterprises require reviewing occasionally their organizations for the purposes of adaptation to recent conditions, changes in their size and area of activity and modifications in  many other effective factors. Even the most-properly-established organizations become degenerated in time and digress from their objective, which causes both time and business loss. Offering services in the fields of management consultation, reorganizaton and restructuring Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. gives related support to companies with its specialized, sophisticated and experienced staff. Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. offers comprehensive consulting services to your company in the subjects of financial management, human resources, operations, performance efficiency, strategy and technology consulting through its specialized consultants.
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