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18 mayıs 2018 tarihinden önce başlanılan vergi incelemelerinde matrah ve vergi artırımının durumu nedir?
Eser Sevinç | 17/8/2018
VAT exemption has been imposed for some treatments which are preventive medicine, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to patient who is not citizens of Turkish Republic and who don’t stay in Turkey above six months by Revenue Administration from 01.06.2018.
Eser Sevinç | 15/8/2018
Through the Presidential Decree No.7 published in the Official Gazette dated 31 July 2018, the application, notification and declaration periods proposed for benefitting from the above regulations have been extended until 27 August 2018 (including that date).
Eser Sevinç | 13/8/2018
Tax Bulletins Through the Tax Procedures Law (VUK) General Communique series no.493, procedures and principles have been set for the certification of books by the trade registry during the establishment of joint-stock companies, limited liability corporations and cooperatives; mandatory notification is imposed for the trade registries concerning these procedures.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
Tax Bulletins New Law No 7144 amending the Turkish Tax Procedure Code was published in the Official Gazette on May 25 2018. Through this Law, Temporary Article 31 was added to the Turkish Tax Procedure Code.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
Tax Bulletins There is VAT Exemption on sales of property in Turkey. The exemption from value added tax is applied on the property that has been sold to non-resident individuals and corporations. There are certain conditions for the exemptions.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
Tax Bulletins The Turkish Parliament ratified a Tax Amnesty Law on May 11 2018. The Law aims to reduce the tax burden of the private sector which may have financial difficulties. The Law allows taxpayers to pay their public debts through instalments (up to 18 months) and covers the principal taxes and their auxiliaries. The Turkish government also seeks the repatriation of assets held in foreign accounts by Turkish individuals and corporates.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
Tax Bulletins Depreciation to be applied on new machinery and equipment used in manufacturing industry or R&D activities is disclosed. According to the Temporary Article 30 added to the Tax Procedures Law through the Article 16 of the Law No. 7103, to be effective from 1 May 2018.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
Tax Bulletins The valuation procedure applicable for the taxpayers consistently dealing with commodity demolition is below.
Eser Sevinç | 1/8/2018
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